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N A Protean 1 Sof/Medium

The articulation of the interpreter increase the sound possibilities of this model because of the multitone character, from round and large sounds in the lowest part of the instrument to medium- hard sounds in the higher part.

Nuno Aroso Says:

"This is the perfect mallet for a deep natural and vigorous bass projection. Since the red color model is the softest of the Protean series, this mallets are meant to provide the marimba artist an amazing projection, specially on the low end of the instrument. Despite this generosity towards the lower notes, you will be also able to play passages on the higher registers. Great to play baroque transcriptions, tremolos, or to mix with other mallets of the series to enrich the bass notes."

Wooden shaft / Length: 38 cm
Rattan shaft: 38.5 cm, +6 €
Interior head: medium soft thermoplastic + silicone + adhesive felt
Sound: Medium soft. A new concept of multitone with a clear and precise attack
Wool tension: high
Weight: +/- 38-39 gr