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Concert XCS Series


Three wooden heads with different size and density, several possibilities in quantity and sound projection. XCS1, with wooden head medium size and low density, light (for example for playing Ma Mere L'oye, by Ravel). IMPORTANT: the wood is too light that model is NOT recommended to play big sounds, in big ensembles or Tutti of symphonic orchestras; XCS2, with head medium size and much bigger density, a heavier material for bigger sounds, for very general use; XCS3 with bigger head and bigger density, heavier , for big sounds and great projection (the Tutti in symphonic orchestra, for example). The difference among them is mainly the weight, the attack is fantastic in all of them, it is one of our most accepted series worldwide.

Rattan shaft: +/- 8 mm
Length: 35 cm
Wooden head: 28-30 mm
Sound: Warm and gentle sound
Characteristic: Different balance among all models