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Cabeza de Bola TCB Series (Ball Head)

Ball head (cabeza de bola), basic general series. Wooden interior head with German felts made in different hardnesses and densities. The exterior felt, as the most recognised brands all over the world, is german, with a professional touch playing and very good durability. The attack is very warm in dinamics pp, p, mp, mf, with big sound in soft and medium soft models (it ́s a heavier series), and with a clearer attack in medium hard model which is not an aggressive model.

Bamboo shaft / Length: +/- 36.5 cm. It depends on the number and thickness of the felts, the bamboo is 38 cm
Diameter: +/- 11 mm
Interior head: wood
Felt density: Normal, warm attack, high resistance
Weight : +/- 33-38 gr