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N A Basic 5 Hard

Thermoplastic and bigger interior head, hard model with a very big sound. Really brilliant in high part of the instrument. Although it is a hard model, it is heavier reference than numbers 3 & 4. The handle is manufactured shorter than the IS and ELITE MALLETS series, to acquire more agility. It is a model we would specifically recommend.

Nuno Aroso says:

"The staccato character of this mallets is highly recommended when a bright and sharp sound is required. The tight wrapped head offers the marimba artist an ultra-articulated and immediate response, able to make the wood "sing" in any dynamic range or in any region of the instrument. The yellow model is a must-have model for any marimba soloist and ensemble/orchestra percussionist, who needs his sound to pass articulated and clear through the “sound wall” in front of him whatever dynamic is requested."

Wooden shaft / Length: 38 cm
Rattan shaft: 38.5 cm, +6 €
Interior head: big, hard thermoplastic + very thin silicone
Wool tension: high
Weight: +/- 37-38 gr