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N A Basic 2 Medium - Soft

Thermoplastic interior head, powerful sound model that works very well from the lower part till the medium-high part of the marimba. Heavier mallet, with the handles shorter than the IS and ELITE MALLETS series, to acquire more agility.

Nuno Aroso Says:

"The blue mallets seduce by the beautiful mellow sound and delicate attack. Being the most “generous”model of the series, they are meant to assist the percussionist in expressing the full potential of his playing. The way the head is wrapped and the total balance of the set, will offer the player longer resonances on low dynamics and very powerful round projection on f to fff. Besides the soloist character behind the construction of this model, it provides the musician a perfect blend in a duet or small chamber ensembles situation."

Wooden shaft / Length: 38 cm
Rattan shaft: 38.5 cm, +6 €
Interior head: medium thermoplastic + thinner silicone
Wool tension: high
Weight: +/- 38-39 gr