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Pack A Basic Junior


Basic junior pack with 4 pairs of mallets (marimba, timpani, xylophone and snare drum), and a very nice bag to keep all these pairs. 15% savings in the final price compare to the mallets buy separately.

The mallets is basically made for the beginners as it described, and the handles are made of wood. Yet it still able to get a good sound and touches. Thus it is a pack best for the students using in the early age of their percussion studies. The 4 pairs of mallet are also appropriate for playing Symphonic Band and Orchestral instruments. We recommend school bands to use this product.

For the Hong Kong region, the change is just the marimba mallets and also the Multipercussion mallet changes to xylophone mallets, with just 1 option. All the mallets are suitable for the daily practice for the Hong Kong students.